Friday, October 8, 2010

Just in time for Halloween

How's this for a wonderful spider web? During the summer I would try to go out on the boat before going to work. It was 6 a.m. on the water & this was one of the webs on our boat. The reason that it's visible is because of the dew on the web spokes. I loved the image & knew that Mary would want it for her Halloween cards. I kept it on my desktop wondering when I'd share & today seemed like the day. I've got cookies in the oven, an apple cake just out & plans for a pot roast over the weekend with the leftover meat & broth recycled into Minestrone soup on Sunday. It's my favorite time of the year ... I get to bake without overheating the house & we share the chocolate cookies with Paul, the oatmeal-based or anything with macadamia nuts cookies with Mike D., & wonderful cups of hot coffee with Mary. I think that I'm partial to apples & Jan & Dennis picked up Macoun apples for me & the aroma of them just baked in the cake is a little bit o' heaven. My hands head for the cookbooks .... I don't seem to run out of recipes when it comes to baking.
Watch for a new image. I was partnered with Mary C this month for my Christmas tag swap & I saw a card in a magazine that I'm going to recreate as a tag ... I think it will come out rather vintage (which I like) ... Hope she does, too.

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