Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tags for Swap & where did the power go?

These are 3 tags that I sent to Elena in Hawaii for the Tag Swap that I've been participating in. I love these large tags (4" x 4"). They were cut out of red cardstock & then a corner of a Webster's Page was cut down for the image (owl or lamp post) & the To/From is from the Stampin Up Tag it All stamp set. I added some greenery on the left that remind me of miniature garland along with soem red dots on the berries of the stamp. With a little red/gold ribbon the card made itself. I hope that she enjoys these images ... I may try to get some made for my own gifts as they really reflect the warm, nostalgic style tha I like so much.
Today's one of those wonderful days that I'm learning to take a minute & savor. I have the day off from work in order to prep for the annual Thanksgiving Day holiday at our house. I've always loved Thanksgiving & even though it's a HUGE amount of work to feed 21 people -- it's worth it. This morning I got out of bed, enjoyed a cup of coffee with my husband & got right at it. The pie crust was chilling right on time. The veggies were cut & sauteed for the stuffing. David had gone out & picked up turkey #2 & the custard pie was in the oven ... and .... the power went out ... OH NO! Fortunately - the pie only had about 12 minutes left & I was left praying for residual heat. I thought about stomping my feet & demanding that the tree pull itself off the wires so that I could stay on schedule. Since I'm now almost 1/2 a century old - I took the opportunity of no electricity as a gift & curled up in bed with a book for about an hour. What a treat! By the time the power was back on I was rejuvenated & ready to get back to work ... The custard pie was no worse for wear & the afternoon still had some daylight left.
And so it goes ~

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