Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July 11 - Travel Journals beginning trip & jelly cupboards

The journals that I made are safely in California.  Next week they'll be on the way to Iceland.  When I lived in Ethiopia I had a little girl in my preschool class from Iceland.  We became close friends with her family & even visited them when they came to live outside of New York.  Asdis (pronounced oushdish) explained the naming pattern for people from Iceland.  I'll use my name to illustrate.  My father's first name was Robert.  If I lived in Iceland I would have been named Kimberly Robertsdottir.  My brother's name would have been Dean Robertson.  That's right - siblings that don't share a last name.  I found it very interesting & I thought about tying the "dottir" information into the journals - but decided that since they aren't my journals I have to let the new owners do what they want.  I hope that they add lots of Icelandic info to them.  I tucked in a stamp with a spoon, knife & fork.  I love to look back on the foods I've eaten when I travel.  Do you think they'll get the hint?
Changing topics - can someone chime in about jelly cupboards?  My friend that's just begun making jam/jelly is now interested in furniture to house her jarred jewels.  Is it jelly cupboards that sometimes have chicken wire or is that a pie safe? 
I'm off to wander around Pinterest for a few minutes.  4:45 a.m. comes early. 
Have a wonderful week ~

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