Monday, July 23, 2012

Prettiest Jam Award - Formosa Plum

If there were an award for "prettiest in show" for the jams I've made this summer tonight's bevy of beauties would win.  I made Formosa Plum jam tonight after work.  I'm exhausted from not sleeping well & getting up early to work a long day, but the 9 jars of jam on my counter soothe my weary soul.  Unfortunately, it's too late & they're too hot for me to take a picture.  I'll try to do it tomorrow.  It's been cloudy today so I'd really like some sun shining through the deep magenta hue of this jam.  Oh dear - waxing poetic over jam jars - again!  Time to go read for a little bit & then fingers crossed that I sleep better tonight.

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