Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fall Rhubarb & New Windows

Wow -- time is really flying by.  This morning I headed off to the Farmers Market with my dear friend DS.  We both love to see "what's new" & today's find was Autumn rhubarb & fresh ginger.  You know where I'm headed with this.  Rhubarb Ginger Jam.  It's on the schedule for tomorrow after an 8 am soccer game.

We've had contractors at our house all week installing new windows/doors. Here's the outside photo ~

We took double-hung windows (that looked like the ones on the far left [garage that we're only going to modify by removing the mullions]) & replaced the large windows on the first floor (see contractor installing in my husband's office) as well as the doors/windows over on the far right of the first floor (livingroom) & above (master bedroom).  The difference is amazing.  We took a somewhat dark interior & opened it up to the outside (view of the lake we live on).  Such fun, but now I have the challenge of finding window treatments (at least for the master bedroom). 

My brother-in-law came over today & I wanted to make something sweet for him.  I had been given a recipe from the woman at Cold Spring Orchard (UMass Orchard with wonderful fruits).  It's so simple, but really quite nice .  She called it:

Crazy Crust Cake
13 x 9 pan  (greased)
2 c. flour
2 c. sugar
1 1/2 c. butter (melted)
2 eggs
spices according to fruit used
fresh fruit (peeled & sliced enough to cover 2/3 of greased pan)

Peel & slice fruit directly into 13 x 9 pan.  Sprinkle with spices if desired (I used nutmeg & cinnamon sugar on apples)
Mix flour, sugar, butter & eggs until smooth & pour over fruit.  Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top.
Bake approximately 45 minutes until set.  Delicious & so easy.

I hope that everyone is enjoying one of the most beautiful times in the year.  Autumn in New England is characterized by cool nights and those warm days that make you think winter isn't actually around the corner.  The pace slows, the foods became a little more substantial & the kitchen smalls bring me right back to being a small girl in Grandma's kitchen.


  1. Hi your new windows...if your view is so stunning and the house private...keep windows open...maybe only use heavy drapes for the winter to keep warmth in at you have double glazing in the USA??
    Thanks for the receipe...will definately try it...I am still on the island, it's cooled down a little I had 2 swims in the sea today....

  2. Hi Zeffy,
    Unfortunately - we face the lake. Anytime a fisherman is in our cove looking for bass they have a direct line of sight into our house. We purchased sheers yesterday with drapes for at night. I'm changing from a green/rose chintz wallpaper to pale grey painted walls to coordinate with grey/black/silver striped drapes with white sheers. Our bedroom furniture is heavy mahogany so I'm hoping that it works. Stay tuned for a picture sometime in the next 3 years ~ Jealous re: your swims in the sea.

  3. Good idea installing sheers with drapes! That would be my choice of curtains for my living room too. But before installing them, I measured the width of my window frame so I know what size rod to get. Then, I measured the height from the floor to the top window for the length of the sheers. They have the perfect color and material for my wallpaper as well.

    Sierra Nordgren

  4. The new windows definitely opened up your house! The larger windows let more light in, eliminating the dim appearance of the interior. I’m happy that you now have a nice view of the lake, which gives a new spin to the mood of the house. Hope you’re enjoying the new windows!

    Roxie Tenner

  5. I was thinking about your privacy too, Kim. Glad I saw the comments. I agree with Sierra. Placing the sheers is definitely a good move! While you’re at it, I think you’ll find it worthwhile playing with the lighting around the living room. Different drapes let different amounts of light to pass through, which can alter the atmosphere in that area. Can’t wait for your updates!

    Nancy Ferdinand

  6. Your house seems to be a very peaceful place to live in. It might be because of the facade or the house's structure. The lush green environment also adds to its tranquility. Overall, your house seems simple but elegant. It must be cool living in there. =)

    Lue Madson

  7. A lovely view like this must be enjoyed, and one way to do that is by having a large window in your house. Having windows around opens up your house to the outside environment. Installing new windows is a good investment, and look at how it added appeal to the overall look of your house. Congrats!

    -Ashlee Starns

  8. I just noticed all of these comments... thank you all. Here's where we went with window treatments. For the living room area (deck) we aren't putting anything on the windows. Pella has very nice blinds that are inside of the glass (no dust!) & we close them when it's either too bright or we want privacy (mostly to keep the glare off of the tv when my husband is watching football). When the blinds are open it's like a clear wall. GREAT. In our bedroom (upstairs) I put sheers in & drapes that are in silvery grey, black stripes & white. I bought new bedding & have 6 different shades of grey that I'm going to try out on the walls (I want to see it with light coming in). Our bedroom furniture is very heavy mahogany & it's absolutely a man's room, but I like the tucked in feeling of the dark colors. Stay tuned.