Saturday, April 20, 2013

Card Catalog comes to our house

Yesterday I went to an estate sale not too far from home.  It wasn't being run by either of the 2 local estate sale women, so I wasn't sure if it was actually an estate sale or a tag sale, but thought I'd check it out.  When I got to the house the early bird pros had already been in & taken what they wanted.  The house belonged to a retired physician & his wife (I'm going to guess that she was a nurse since I saw a nurse's cap at the sale along with the physician's dress military uniform.  I knew that there were stories waiting to be told, but didn't think there was anyone there to tell them.  As I gathered up my treasures (a wooden ironing board, an old drafting table, a footstool that needed to be recovered & a few linens) I started talking to the man running the sale.  He had actually worked for the woman of the house doing her gardening after her husband died (about 10 years ago).  His last "job" for her was to sell the items from the house that there 2 sons didn't want.  I was so surprised to see her wedding gown boxed up (but I didn't open it because I knew it would come home with me).  When I went into the furthest room from the garage (all of the sale was held in the basement) I found a room that had been set up for a ham radio operator.  Apparently - one of the doctor's hobbies.  Built into the formica counter was (what appeard to be) an intact 15 drawer card catalog.  I almost yelped out loud, but tried to stay calm.  I asked the seller if it could be sold as a unit or if he was selling the drawers separately.  He gave me a high price (at least I thought so) & told me I'd have to remove it from the counter.  I talked to David about it (& even though he thought I was nuts), he agreed to go back with me today & (if the price was better & it wasn't sold & if we could get it out) it could come to our house with the plan to resell.
We did it & David was able to negotiate a better price, but the piece needs a top to complete it.  It must have been removed to build it in under the counter.  Now I need to figure out what the best thing is to do.  Being the granddaughter of a librarian I suppose it was inevitable, but I don't need 15 drawers.  I'm going to meander around Pinterest & the web & decide what to do with this new treasure. Any ideas?

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