Sunday, April 14, 2013

Estate Sale Treasures

After our daughter's soccer game yesterday we made a stop at one estate sale & one multi-vendor flea market shop.  Here are some of the treasures I brought home.
There are 8 new tablecloths here.  They're tucked into a big tote soaking & then they'll be hung out on the line.  The 3rd cloth from the bottom is a sweet, sweet pink & magenta cloth with a lily of the valley pattern.  At least some of these will find their way to Ebay.  Did you notice that I found a new scale.  The dishes in the front have a delicate magenta flower pattern.  They are probably from the 50s but there's no name on the back for me to id them.  I'm sure that they'll make an appearance on my table at some point since there are 6 of them. 
I came home with 2 suitcases.  One is a brown leather suitcase with the initials JWB in gold.  It's a pretty good size & immaculate on the inside.  I might have to make some repairs, but it won't go to waste.  The other is a grey suitcase & I didn't open it before buying it (shame on me).  The inside fabric is stained & I think it will have to be replaced.  I'm not sure about that project, but we'll see what happens.  I might post a before & after if I come up with something fun.
I think of things that I buy as part of a bigger picture.  I don't look at them necessarily as "good price that I can resell".  I see the pieces as coordinating with other things I have or even as just elements that I'm drawn to.  My husband says that you can't be emotionally attached to things that you're reselling, but I think I have to buy what I like.  Since I don't need 2 scales - 1 is going to leave.  It's only a question of which one.
What did you do with this lovely Spring weekend.  It's time to get ready for another soccer game.  This one's an hour away. 

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