Friday, April 19, 2013

Recycled Suitcase using Vintage Tablecloth

My kids are both hunkering in their respective neighborhoods in Boston.  Our son is about a mile away from the Cambridge home of the terrorist suspect.  Our daughter is in her dorm & both are behind locked doors.  I don't normally go to the office on Fridays & wanted to keep myself busy while I watch the progress on TV.  I purchased this grey suitcase a couple of weeks ago & didn't open it before I bought it.  When I did I was really discouraged, but wanted to save this case if I could find a way.  I left the Greyhound bus tag of the lady that had previously owned it.  It feels like a connection with her...
What do you think of the before & after photos?

The cloth lining the "after" photo is a vintage tablecloth.  It had several large holes & yellow stains.  I wanted to see if I could use this fabric to create a picnic hamper.  I have a red Thermos that I think would be perfect.  I've got a piece of the tablecloth soaking to see if I can make a small picnic cloth to take with us.  Somehow I don't think that paper plates will be quite right for this set-up, but I can imagine some old plastic dishes that I could possibly find.  This was a lot of fun to work on & only took a few hours from start to finish.  I did use the old lining as a template & to figure out the order for reassembly.

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