Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Dinner Table Setting with Mikasa & Prints Charming

We aren't usually home for Easter, but this year we went away the weekend before.  David's brothers & their families are joining us.  I thought it would be fun to fuss a little & I wanted to use some dishes I recently picked up. 
I only had a service for 4 of the Mikasa dishes so I thought I'd be a little creative with the place settings.  I used the dinner plates with a transparent green salad plate alternating with a white dinner plate with the Mikasa salad plate.  I think it works ~
This tablecloth has a wonderful name:  Prints Charming Williamsburg.  Isn't that a great play on words ~  Here's a close-up of the cloth detail -->
I have some tablecloths for sale on eBay under ridgewood5.  They'll be listed for a week.  Fingers crossed that they'll go to good homes.
Easter 2013 Menu
Spiral Ham
Mashed Potatoes
Glazed Carrots
Carrot Cake
Can you tell that David comes from a Polish background?  If I had time I would have made golumpkis, but not this time.
Stay tuned for more adventures as Spring approaches.  I'm thinking about occasionally being a vendor at a local Flea Market.  What do you think?
Happy Easter

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rhode Island Treasure-hunting

Treasures from The Ocean State

We're back from a fun weekend in Rhode Island.  I'd checked online for any estate sales that might be close enough to check out.  I found 1 in Jamestown & our friend, Mike, was willing to go with me.  David, Katie & Mary listened to the call of the Atlantic Ocean.  It was in the 30s & windy - I think we made the better choice.  The first sale was really a poorly organized garage sale, but I did leave with a baggy of vintage handkerchiefs.  I had a list of local shops & we'd paid to go over the Jamestown Bridge so we went to the first local shop.  This little shop is open for 2 hours twice a week.  Down the stairs we went without too much optimism.  I found a tablecloth for Lauren, a vintag breakfast set (creamer, sugar bowl & egg cup) in a faded yellow.  I could picture it on one of my tablelcoths.  I turned around & found a lazy susan condiment set in turquoise & white.  It was complete & I'm sure I can resell it at a profit.  The gentleman in charge of cashing out gave me a great bulk price & off I went.  A happy gal.  We went to our next store & I found the small Mexican-themed tablecloth on the bottom of the pile [see photo above].  It was in a pile that said, "This & That".  I also brought home some buttons [sorted by color - sweet] & a large platter.  Mike stopped into a nearby comic book store & found some treasures.  He also found a used bookstore & left with a book about Mad Magazine articles.  We headed back to share what we'd found & have lunch at Flo's -- GREAT SEAFOOD!  In the afternoon we went to a large, crowded consignment store & the single purchase was the scale above.  I'd been looking for one.
Today we had to check out of our resort by 10:30.  We had a relaxing breakfast & Katie went to Alex & Ani's with her godparents (now sporting a delicate new bracelet with a virgo charm).  I had asked about shops that carried tablecloths & the woman at the store in Middletown gave me the name of another store, but it didn't open til noon.  Since it was my "birthday weekend" we waited for it to open & I left with the 4 tablecloths on the scale along with a tea towel (still had its tag on) & a yellow tablecloth with 4 napkins.  When I took a look at the cloth I saw that it was still sporting its price tag from Shepards.  I did a google search & Shepards was in Providence, RI until 1973.  The price on the tag was .97.  Hard to believe, but I'm leaving it there ~
Such a good time & I think that everyone found at least 1 thing that made the weekend fun for them.  

Friday, March 15, 2013

Lilypad Tablecloth & Spring Dinner

Tonight we're having a friend over for dinner & I'd just washed & ironed a new (to me) tablecloth with a lilypad embroidery pattern.  The tablecloth & Spring coming up were my inspiration. 
I didn't have time to get to my favorite florist (Carey's Flowers in South Hadley, MA) but wanted to have something fresh on the table to go with the colors in the tablecloth.  This will have to do.

I wanted a photo of my pretty square plate with the daffodils. 
They gently whisper Spring to me.
The view from the end of the table. 
There will be 5 of us at dinner tonight so I just sat down & took a photo.
Dessert will be ginger snaps on this lovely cookie plate. 
The spice jars of jelly beans were a whimsical addition.
View of dessert from a chair.

Spring Dinner Menu on a Friday Night
Marrakesh Vegetable Curry (found on Pinterest, but I am not using eggplant)
Rice (with slivers of scallion & carrot)
Assorted sides (Chop Salad from More-with-Less cookbook, coconut, peanuts, apple bits)
Slaw on the daffodil plates
Ginger Snaps (from Joy of Cooking)
I'll let you know how it goes.  What are you having for dinner tonight?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Noritake Beaumont, a new/old tablecloth & a hummel

Here's a photo that I took this afternoon for submission to the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club.  They wanted a little information about me & asked for a photo so this is one that I sent over ....
The pieces of china that you can see are my treasures from Las Vegas.  They are Noritake china in the Beaumont pattern & I absolutely LOVE them.  The pale pink plate under the pears is a piece that I have from my grandmother.  I have several pieces of pale pink & pale green.  They are important to me & I do use them.  The book seemed to fit since it's almost the 17th & I do love DK books when I travel.  The little Hummel is called The Merry Wanderer.  Doesn't he seem just right for those that know me well?
I don't know the pattern on the tablecloth but it's all hand-stitched in pristine condition.  I like how it compliments the border on the china.

Today we're getting heavy, wet snow.  It's early March - Time for snow to stop & flowers to start thinking about pushing their way through the cold soil.  I can't wait to see if my 2 rhubarb plants appear.  That would be a treat!

Don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Franciscan Rustic England dishes & Bucilla Tablecloth

I wanted to let everyone know that the dishes that I packed in the luggage made it back safely.  What a surprise!  One of the sets is listed on Ebay under ebay name ridgewood5.  These are Franciscan Rustic England dishes.  I have plates, cups, saucers & small plates along with this sweet platter.  They're in great shape.

I've been busy online with the Vintage Tablecloth Lovers Club.  I've asked questions re: a tablecloth that I have that still has its' tag.  I had no idea what kind of treasure I have.  The general consensus is that I should keep this gem.  I'm just not sure.  I love to use my tablecloths & if I keep this one with its tag I'll only be able to occasionally look at it.  That's not really what I want to do.  If I'm going to sell it I have to have an idea of its value & that's another puzzle to be solved.  I'm working on it ... Stay tuned.
I'll share some info regarding the 2nd set of china when I take some pictures.  I'm a busy gal these days ...
Stay well ~